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Comfort Carvings


At the September  2013 MWCA Board meeting there was a proposal presented by Bette Hartig of the Woodwackers Carving Club in Big Rapids for a new project for the other member clubs to get involved with.  There club was inspired by an article in the Jan/Feb 2013 Chip Chats magazine to carve “Comfort Crosses” and donate them to Hospice for their patients.  Club member Jane Campbell contacted the Michigan Hospice Hup in Big Rapids and made arrangements to provide carved crosses to be given to hospice patients at no cost to them.  Since then the club members all got involved and, to date, carved well over 100 crosses.  The Hospice organization uses their judgment as to which patients will benefit from a “Comfort Cross” and can use as many as the club can provide.  The MWCA Board approved and decided to expand this project to include “Comfort Birds” so patients may have a choice.   There is an article in Woodcarving Illustrated, 2011 Holiday magazine, on “Making a Comfort Bird”.


MWCA will handle this project by asking clubs to ask  a person in their club to take charge of their clubs Comfort Crosses and Comfort Bird carvings and deliver the carvings to a MI Hospice group in the clubs area.  That way your carvings stay in your area comforting your fellow neighbors.  Please do not deliver or send carvings to Bette or the MWCA Board members.

We hope each club will join in and support MI Hospice with this project.  If your club decides to participate, please advise Bette and the MWCA President as to who will be your contact person.  We would like to know how many Comfort Crosses and Comfort birds your club donates to the MI Hospice project.