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Comfort Crosses


Comfort Birds


At the Fall 2013 MWCA Board meeting, Bette Hartig of the Wood Wackers Carving Club in Big Rapids proposed a new project for all MWCA members.  Inspired by an article in the Jan/Feb 2013 Chip Chats magazine, Bette proposed that MWCA carvers would carve “Comfort Crosses” and donate them to Michigan Hospice for their patients, as a gift. The project was approved for all MWCA clubs. Since then many club members have gotten involved, carving well over 100 crosses to date. The MWCA Board then expanded the project to include “Comfort Birds”, so that Hospice patients may have a choice.   The Hospice organization selects which patients will benefit most from a “Comfort Carving”, but they can use as many as we can provide!



MWCA would like to ask each club to designate a contact  person from their club to be responsible for their Comfort Crosses and Comfort Birds. They will also be responsible for delivery of the carvings to a MI Hospice group in their area.  That way the carvings will benefit Hospice patients in your local area, providing comfort for your neighbors and friends. 

Click here to locate the Michigan Hospice group near you. 


We hope each club will join in and support MI Hospice with this project!  If your club decides to participate, please advise Bette and/or the MWCA President who your contact person will be.  We would like to know how many Comfort Crosses and Comfort Birds are donated by each club to the MI Hospice project.  Please do not send carvings to Bette or MWCA Board members.

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